(11 months Season)

Charges Include:

  • Local Authority Rates
  • Refuse Collection
  • Security
  • Vat at Current Rate
  • Drain – down/reconnection
  • Gas Check & Certification
  • Grass Cutting

Site Fees

Gas, Water & Electricity are metered and will be invoiced in October & March.

Standard Pitch Fee – £4475
Premier Pitch Fee – £4670
Pond Pitch Fee – £4900
Twin Unit Fee – £5170

If all site fees are paid by 1/10/2021 customers will be entitled to a £75 discount.

An option to pay in two installments is available where the first payment should be made by 1/10/2021 & the second payment of £1,000 is to be made by 1/3/2022.

Payments must be made in full by their due date, otherwise a late payment charge of £100 will be made. Payment of site fees constitutes an acceptance of our Terms & Conditions.