The speed limit on Park is strictly 10mph and must be observed at all times as should the one-way system. Parking should be on your own designated parking bay and not on other owner’s bays, any extra vehicles should park by reception. Parking or driving on the grass is not allowed. Commercial vehicles or vehicles displaying signs of any kind are not allowed on the Park and if necessary, may park temporarily at reception. Any touring caravan and recreational vehicles (Motorhomes & Campervans) over 6 metres in length are not allowed on the Park.


All owners are responsible for adequately insuring their caravan/lodge and contents together with £5 million public liability and a copy should be given to the office for records.

Holiday Home Pitch

The surrounding area of the caravan/lodge must be kept in a neat & tidy order at all times and the underneath of the caravan/lodge should be kept clear from items to reduce the risk of fire.

Tents and gazebos

Are not allowed on the Park. Gazebos may be erected with permission from the office but not left overnight.

Clothes lines

Are not permitted, owners may use free standing clothes airers or the hook-on window type so long as they are discretely displayed. Washing should not be hung over balconies.


Dogs must be kept on a short lead at all times whilst on the Park and exercised off the Park. Any fouling must be cleared immediately.


Sub-letting of caravans/lodges is not permitted.

Bunkers & Storages Boxes

No more than 2 single storey boxes are allowed and must be placed on paving flags or stones.

Flowerpots & Tubs

These must be kept to a reasonable amount and placed on paving stones or stone chippings to minimise strimming.


Only plastic balconies are permitted and must be supplied and fitted by an approved company. Owners must seek permission for any decking as groundwork must be prepared beforehand.


Owners must conduct themselves in such a manner as not to cause disturbance or discomfort or behaviour that is detrimental to the Park and its users. Owners are also responsible for the conduct of their guests.


Only general household waste should be disposed of in the correct recycling bins. No large items such as furniture, electrical goods, mattresses, carpets etc. should be left in the bin area. If in doubt please ask.


Do not flush any non-biodegradable products down the toilet such as baby wipes, cosmetic wipes, sanitary products and cooking fat including the sink waste.


Post should not be sent to the Park but to your permanent residential address.

During Closed Season

Owners may visit their caravan/lodge between 10am – 4pm for no more than 2 hours per week.