Section 1 – Occupancy and Access Opening

  1. The park opens 1st March and closes 12 noon on 31st January. When the park is closed owners may visit on a weekly basis between the hours of 10am & 4pm only for no more than a maximum of two hours per week in total, the gates are likely to be locked outside normal office hours.
  2. A holiday home at the park is only to be used for holiday purposes and not for permanent habitation or residential occupancy.
  3. You warrant that your permanent residing address is your house address for council tax or similar purpose to which all communications from Fir Trees should be sent. Post should not be sent to the park for owners. The park reserves the right to redirect post if addressed to the owner at the park.The person named on the last invoice issued by the site is understood to be the occupier of the site for all purposes therewith and will accept responsibility accordingly. Such person or his/her trustees where applicable will notify the site manager in writing of any changes of address.
  4. No sub-letting is allowed and the park management must be informed before a holiday home is lent to others. Unaccompanied groups of young people may not use your holiday home.
  5. Owners must have a key for their caravan at the office for emergency or draindown/reconnection work.
  6. A holiday homeowner is not allowed to carry on or run a business of whatever kind from the park.
  7. Commercial vehicles are not allowed on the park unless the management has given permission.
  8. Touring caravans and motor homes are not allowed on the park.
  9. All trades eg. Plumbers, electricians, must report to the site office upon arrival at the park.
  10. The park management reserves the right to expel permanently any visitor or owner for conduct that is detrimental to the well being of the park.
  11. Owners & visitors are expected to act in a courteous and considerate manner towards park management and staff and to other clients on the park. Similarly all Inter Fir Trees staff should act in the same way and any client who is not treated correctly should notify a director of any instance, which may cause concern.

Section 2 – Health and Safety

The park operates a Health and safety policy and regards this area of park management of paramount importance.

  1. For personal safety all holiday homes must be equipped with a fire extinguisher and smoke alarm.
  2. No open fires must be made at the park. A Bar-b-que is not classed as an open fire.
  3. Work on caravans electrical & gas systems must only be carried out by suitably qualified persons.
  4. Gas Test Certification. All caravans must be gas tested by Corgi registered installers and must have a current gas certificate. Failure to comply will lead to caravans being disconnected.
  5. Electrical Testing. To comply, all caravans must have a periodic (every 3 years) test structure and supply test (i.e. from the outside socket to the inside of the caravan). Fir Trees is responsible up to the point of connection, i.e. outside the box.
  6. Owners are not allowed to dig or drive posts into the ground, as there are pipes and cables running all around the park.
  7. The 10mph speed limit must be observed at all times. Bikes and cars are confined to the roads and must not drive on the grassed areas at any time. Flagrant disregard of this condition will lead to owners being required to remove their caravan from the site.
  8. No person should drive on the park without a valid driving licence and should not drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs in any event.|
  9. Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times. No dangerous breeds of animals are allowed and the decision of the park management as to any pets suitability is final in this matter. All pets fouling must be disposed of hygienically.
  10. Owners will ensure that they or their visitors do not cause annoyance, inconvenience or disturbance to other owners and ensure that children are properly controlled. The playing of ball games must be with consideration for other park users and must not cause danger or annoyance
  11. A caravan must be kept in a safe and good condition and the pitch and surroundings maintained in a neat and tidy order. No items are to be stored under the caravan. The park management reserves the right to remove or dispose of any items under the caravan

Section 3 – Insurance

  1. The park is comprehensively insured, however it is the sole responsibility of each caravan owner to ensure that their caravan and contents together with a minimum £2 million public liability cover is in place for their caravan.A copy of cover must be given to the office to keep on file.

Section 4 – Site Fees and Charges

  1. In the normal way these will be estimated in August of each year for the following season. Part I site reservation fee is due by October 1st for the following year with Part II final account being issued in February of each year being due for payment by March 1st. The final account should only reflect any minor changes than those estimated. Refund of site charges are calculated on a sliding scale up to 30th June each year, after which there is no refund.
  2. Gas water & electric are metered and invoiced in August and February.
  3. Increase in Site Charges. Any increase in the site fee will be notified by September 30th in any year. Other charges beyond the control of the management will be passed on as and when appropriate.
  4. Payment Schemes. Charges are due in two parts, October 1st and March 1st.
  5. Site fees are accepted on condition that the caravan can be re-sited by request of the management.
  6. £100.00 will be charged on overdue accounts.
  7. Site fees and Tenancies are reviewed annually.

Section 5 – Caravan Sales &Transfer of Ownership of Caravans & Twin Units (Lodges).

New/Used Caravans & Lodges purchased direct from Fir Trees

The price quoted includes siting, connection, gas certification and one or two pairs of steps as required. Balconies can be supplied by quotation; site fees are by negotiation but generally pro rata for the first season.

All new caravans come with a minimum 12-month full guarantee.

We allow resale onto the park where the caravan is less than ten years old. This does not mean that you have to renew your caravan after the ten-year period, generally if the caravan is in good condition we would expect a lifespan of 15-20 years. However, this does mean that after ten years your caravan can only be sold to us if we agree or off the park. The same applies to twin units/lodges which then becomes 25 years and the same principles apply.

Used private owner sales

Application may be made to sell your caravan or twin unit (lodge) on the park with written consent from the park manager.

  1. All financial deals must be carried out through the office not through the owner. If the business is not carried out correctly the caravan or lodge will have to be removed from the park.
  2. A transfer fee of 15% or a minimum fee of £2,000 plus VAT (whichever the higher figure) will be deducted from the gross proceeds of any agreed sale. The transfer fee is not a sales commission.
  3. Generally the total price is for the caravan or lodge sited where it is complete with balcony but excluding personal contents.
  4. Site fees should be paid up to date at all time.
    1. If a caravan is disconnected and off the base then a storage charge will be made up to the time when the caravan is sold.
  5. There is no guarantee with any private sale direct or implied by Fir Trees. The deal is private between the vendor and the purchaser, we confirm transactions be conducted through the office.
  6. Used caravans can be resold back onto the park where the caravan is less than ten years old. Fir Trees will only guarantee a site for private sales for the balance of the agreement period.
    After that period the owner will be expected to either part exchange or sell the caravan to us if we agree or off the park.
  7. Used lodges can be resold back on to the park for up to 25 years, subject to being in good repair and condition, after that time the lodge would have to be sold off the park.
    For clarification, principles are the same for both caravans and lodges but the period of time is different.
  8. Caravans will not be released for removal from the site unless the site manager has been notified and a clearance note given. Disconnection and removal from base to road, minimum charge £600.00 + VAT.
  9. Where site charges or other monies due are not paid within a reasonable period and are overdue without explanation or arrangement, caravans will be disconnected and may be removed from the base. A £600.00 + VAT reconnection charge will be made. The right is reserved to dispose of any caravan, following valuation by a reputable dealer of any authority recognised in the trade.The balance of any such sale, less monies due and expenses, will be forwarded by post to the last known address of the owner.
  10. Termination. The site manager will give thirty days clear notice to the 30th September in any year when removal of caravan from the site is required and at least sixty days from the date will be allowed without charge for the removal to be completed. This condition does not apply where there are unpaid monies due.
  11. Caravans can be sold off site but will not be released until the disconnection fee and all outstanding monies have been paid.
  12. If caravans are abandoned and are of no monetary value, a scrapping charge, of £600 + VAT will be applied.
  13. Where caravans have been brought on from other parks Fir Trees reserve the right to refuse a private sale, the caravan would have to be sold to us if we agree or off the park.

Section 6 – Miscellaneous

  1. Sheds & Fences are not permitted. Washing lines are not permitted and we recommend a hook-on airer or free standing, model. Steps, balconies or ramps must be of metal or UPVC construction and, must have the approval of the site manager. There must be a clear space of 3.5 metres between each caravan and such items shall not face each other in any space. Gardens must be maintained. A charge will be made for reinstatement if required. Permission must be obtained from the site manager for any garden or groundwork at all times. Caravan bodies must not be painted by hand on site. Balconies and steps must be adequately maintained.
  2. Draining down & reconnection. The site will be responsible (but not liable) for the draining down and reconnection of all caravans. If you wish to do your own winterisation please leave a note in the window of the caravan. It is advisable to turn off your water supply when you leave your caravan. All caravans will be drained down after 31st January, drain downs before then will be done by request from the owner, this must be in writing to the office or by calling personally and signing the “drain down request book”. If caravans have to be reconnected, a charge will be made. Please ensure that the keys left at the office are the correct keys to open the caravan. NO KEY, NO DRAIN DOWN.
  3. Household refuse must be put in the black bags and disposed of in the wheelie bins in the compound. Garden waste must be put in green bags and deposited in the marked area in the compound.
  4. Site numbers will be provided by the office and must be neatly displayed on the caravan.
  5. Any planting or cutting of trees or shrubs will be done by the park staff.
  6. Caravans can only be sited or removed by Fir Trees, or their appointed contractors.
  7. Washing machines are permitted inside caravans, also outside the caravan in storage boxes with permission from the site manager.
  8. Gazebo’s or tents are not allowed on the park
  9. A maximum of 2 standard single boxed (of PVC construction) 184cm wide x 81cm deep (single level not double stacking) are allowed for each caravan.
  10. Flowerpots, tubs, & boxes must be placed on a hard surface (chippings or paving stones) to minimise strimming. Flowerpots must be kept to a reasonable amount.
  11. We do not encourage the parking of cars on the site during the shut down period. Any car left on the park will be charged a fee of £120.00 plus VAT which will be billed on the March account.
    We do not accept any liability whatsoever for any vehicle during this period.